About me

Mens sana in corpore sano

Juvenal (roman poet)
Nestor Angulo in front of Momiji leaves in Japan

Technology enthusiast, security geek and passionate about learning.

Once upon a time…

My passion towards photography comes from my childhood, when my father taught me the difference between taking a picture and capturing a moment in time, reflecting its soul… and how to fall in love with it.

That was the moment when he gave me a Nikon F60 camera and just told me to try.

My way to feel about technology also comes from my early life, when my mother showed me how an Amstrad computer works, allowing me to print drawings made on it in a dot matrix printer.

By the time, she inspired me to leave my fears away with everything related to technology by giving me a VHS recorder and asked me to open it.

… Nowadays

Now, graduated as Computer Science Engineer by Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, and certified as CISSP by ISC2, I’ve been working at Sucuri as a Security Analyst, and as Advanced Technology Support at GoDaddy till February 2023.

This part of my life has represented a big change in my Knowledge field orientation, because, until this moment, I had invested a lot of time moving around development and technology products creation, crossing the line now to security and management.

At the same time, I always find slots of time to work in my pet projects, and, thanks to a friend, I’m discovering as well a new aspect of my personality as a speaker and podcaster, talking mainly about cybersecurity, education and entrepreneurship. You can check out my talks and collaborations here!

WordCamp Barcelona 2018

A bit of curiosity,
a bit of pragmatism,
lots of technology
and lots of passion.


And I do 💓 challenges!🦾
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