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“Security mistakes in WordPress”

… that will cost you a lot.

I had the pleasure of participating as an expert in Web Security in the webinar organised by GoDaddy Spain in 2018: “Errores de seguridad en WordPress que te saldrán caros” (“Security mistakes in WordPress that will cost you a lot”). Check out the video in the bottom of the post (it’s in Spanish! 😉 👇🏼). Thanks to Xose & Mau for conducting it.

In it, I tell about some experiences and anecdotes, along with some common cases I have worked in, from the perspective of an Incident Response team member, ergo when something bad happened already. Pulling of the thread you might find very interesting things when investigating this kind of cases…

If you got a moment, and you want to learn from this part of my job that passionates me, or, maybe, you want to get scared of the depth of the Cybersecurity world, give a shot to this webinar.

Don’t forget to comment and leave any feedback to learn from!

Check out the webinar, it’s in Spanish!





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