Fotograma del directo en colaboración con Unancor.

SEO 📈 & Infosec 🔐

Recently (during the Holy Week of 2023, by the way), I had the opportunity to participate in a live stream on Twitch with Unancor, a Spanish company specialized in SEO. I was invited as an expert in cybersecurity to address questions and topics related to the field in a live format.

During the streaming, we answered challenging questions such as whether I have been offered money for illegal activities, whether I have been hacked, or whether I am available to be hired. It was a lot of fun 😄😄.

Thanks to Unancor for the opportunity and everyone who joined us in the live stream, as their questions made us go off-script and have a good laugh. Don’t forget to follow Unancor on Twitch, YouTube and Twitter to stay tuned on their activities.

Here’s the link to the recording of the live stream, enjoy! (It is in Spanish).
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