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  • “Security mistakes in WordPress”

    “Security mistakes in WordPress”

    … that will cost you a lot. I had the pleasure of participating as an expert in Web Security in the webinar organised by GoDaddy Spain in 2018: “Errores de seguridad en WordPress que te saldrán caros” (“Security mistakes in WordPress that will cost you a lot”). Check out the video in the bottom of…

  • About the Japanese WordPress community

    About the Japanese WordPress community

    Recently, I’ve been travelling around Japan and I had been honoured of being speaker in a couple of regional events related with WordPress: WordCamp Tokyo 2019 (1st-2nd of November) and WordCamp Osaka 2019 (6th-7th of December). Let me drop here some words about them. First of all, you might be wondering what a WordCamp is,…

  • About WordCamps

    About WordCamps

    One of the type of events I applied for as speaker in the latest years are WordCamps, driven by the WordPress community. WordCamps are regional conferences around the globe wherever a WordPress community has a significant presence. You can check the information about them on the official website of WordCamp Central, along with the schedule…