There is time I've started in Sucuri, and one of the first things that my manager in that moment suggested me as a weak point in my candidature was the lack of a blog where I could tell or show my work and contributions.

Even now, almost 5y after that, I think it is a very good suggestion since, nowadays, technology (specially) Knowledge is measure mainly with your online presence. However, I didn't attend to that recommendation until now, maybe because a lack of time (everybody who knows me, knows how a busy bee I am), maybe because I felt recurrently that I really know nothing interesting to tell about.

Sucuri HQ 2016

Why now?  

The answer to that typical question is within the fact  I'm discovering a speaker growing skill, participating in different events (like some WordCamps in Spain), and as a blogger growing skill in some other pages (including the blog of my company). So, which better scenario to start that delayed site where I could pour my thoughts, ideas, speaks or any other shit stuff I would find?

My idea is to write down here posts related with cybersecurity, thoughts/philosophy, talks and events summaries, experiences in management and projects, focusing in my profesional side.

And why a box?

Actually, this is a wink to the CEO of Sucuri, Tony Perez, who I admire (I'll leave to you, reader, the homework to discover the reference). This guy is pure energy, causing that all around him run in a higher gear with the mere fact of his presence and his voice. He transmits, and it is something not that easy as it could sound, and he moves, making you falling in the sensation that you are a wheel in a complex gear that is moving in the right direction and making you feel that you want to be right there.

Sounds kinda poethic, right? Well, you know, feelings are difficult to express in words.

So, I hope I could explain this 2 first facts clearly, won't bother you too much more (by the moment)!

See ya!